Charter Members

Providence Chapter NSDAR was organized on May 29, 1963, and confirmed as a chapter on June 8, 1963. The following women were charter members:

Aitken, Virginia Lee Simpson (Mrs. Harold LaVerne)*

Bender, Cynthia Ann (Mrs. Fred W., Jr.)*

Black, Mabel Mudd (Mrs. Bryon Bacon)*

Bookout, Meredith Hopper (Mrs. George O.)*

Carroll, Kaletah Newell (Mrs. Will Herman)*

Clark, Jean Ellen Beckwith (Mrs. W. Douglas)*

Emerson, Florence Vincent Yeager (Mrs. Earl W.)*

Evans, Blanche Enterline (Mrs. Monroe Vaughn)*

Everhart, Kathryn M. (Mrs. William Reed)*

Feuer, Dorothy Farnham (Mrs. Robert)*

Franklin, Hazel Hufnagel (Mrs. Peter Phillip Brooks)*

Frost, Christabel Blevins (Mrs. Robert Enos)*

Gaskins, Ceres Hadcock (Mrs. Darius William, Sr.)*

Hadcock, Edith (Ms.)*

Heathfield, Verna Isobel (Mrs. Bolton Kedwell)*

Heffron, Mary Frances Gilmore (Mrs. Walter Gordon)*

Helmbreck, Juaareen LaMastus (Mrs. Earl James, Jr.)*

Jardine, Shirley Ann (Mrs. Charles Haskell)*

Kump, Mary Frances Prioleau (Mrs. Erwin Henry)*

LaMastus, Rubie Manning (Mrs. Birdie Halvin)*

Lawrence, Gladys Evelen (Mrs. Willard)*

McDavid, Gloria Eppes (Mrs. J. F.)*

Rosenberg, LaVonne Doris Fisher (Mrs. Sidney)*

Schroer, Ceres May (Mrs. David Edward)

Sullivan, Martha King Harris (Mrs. Barry C.)*

* In loving memory of those daughters who are deceased.

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